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They say the kitchen is the Heart of the Home. Well, if that is true, then when we purchased our new house, our kitchen was in need of open heart surgery! Our entire home was ORIGINAL to 1968. The kitchen had the original dark cabinets with the laminate countertops and backsplash, popcorn ceilings that were stained and falling off in places, all on lovely vinyl flooring. I mean… We knew that we did NOT have the money for a complete overhaul of the kitchen. The cabinets were still in great shape and I could see the potential. The room was...

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When we first looked at our house, the living room was definitely the space that made us want to purchase this particular home. It had a fireplace, which I was crazy about, and two large picture windows that overlooked what would be our pasture and barn, eventually. And that is where the positive features ended. The rest of the space was outdated, dark and dirty. But I saw the potential. So much potential. A lot of primer and paint went into those 1968 panelled walls. I scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees to get up the years of...

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Being a “little girl” mom, I was pretty nervous about having a baby boy. When we discovered that our third little one  would indeed be our sweet Logan, we were incredibly excited, but hesitant as well. I had this little girl thing down! What in the world would I do with a little boy?! They are messy and go non-stop! That also meant starting over in terms of baby gear and clothes. Little did I know the amazing love I would experience for my Logan Richard. As we prepared for our little man’s arrival, we were in the midst of...

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