the Perfect Playhouse

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the Perfect Playhouse

Looking back, the only thing I wanted as a kid and never had was a playhouse.

I can remember my grandfather having this old greenhouse that was basically a metal frame and my cousin and I would play house in it. I would think to myself that all I had to do was put wood in the frame and it could have real walls! Even my dad looks back and wishes he had gotten me one of those log cabin houses…

We have been talking about a playhouse for quite some time now, but it just wasn’t on the list of priorities around the farm. Especially since the one I wanted for the girls ran about $2800…

I have been known to be quite impulsive and one day it hit me like a ton of bricks that our oldest daughter will be SEVEN this year! WHAT?! How did that even happen? I distinctly remember her delivery, her first words, first steps, first real boo-boo (which was of course Daddy’s fault), and now she is a beautiful young girl growing up right in front of our eyes. (insert sobbing here)

It also dawned on me that if we kept putting the playhouse off, before we knew it, they would be too old to even care about one. So I took matters into my own hands… I couldn’t find an exact plan online that I liked because, let’s face it, I am NOT a contractor and had never tackled something like this before. I knew what the limit of my skill set was and I improvised on the rest.

The result: the most adorable little girls’ playhouse I have EVER seen. *Of course I am biased…

There were changes I made along the way and I plan to post about ALL of my playhouse construction success’ and fails a little later including plans and a material list. Look for that post next week!

I wanted a place where our sweet little girls’ imaginations could run wild! Where they could be little mommas, or teachers or whatever else their little hearts desire. I know they won’t be tiny forever, but I am determined to make the most of the time that they are. Let them play. Let them get dirty. Let them be little. And by joining in their little adventures you may just awaken the child in yourself that helps you remember to not take everything so seriously and to just enjoy the beautiful life that God has given us.

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