The Girls' Original Bedroom Remodel

The Girls' Original Bedroom Remodel

Our girls share a room. There is only 2.5 years in between the two of them and they actually enjoy being in the same room. Although they have a bunk bed, most of the time they can both be found either on the top or the bottom, sleeping together.

Their room is at the end of the hall there is a direct line of sight right into it. The focus from the hallway is a great oil painting that I scored at an estate sale. It is an actual painting and depicts a ballerina. The colors are fantastic and both of my girls take dance.

The bunk bed has a very special story that goes along with it. My husband’s Dad and his father, my husband’s grandfather, built this particular bed when John (my father-in-law) was 17 years old. That was some 30 plus years ago. It would go on to be my Husband’s and his sister’s bed and then the bed to their little brothers, before winding up being stored out in the barn. When we decided the girls were big enough for bunks, we went and dug it out.

I struggled for a while to find bedding that I liked and that I could use as a jumping off point for the room, but when I stumbled across these duvet covers at Pottery Barn, I knew I had found my inspiration. The coral and pink colors in those great paisley patterns were exactly what I had in my mind. I even used a full size duvet cover, cut it up and sewed it into matching draperies. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a sucker for a mount. Deer mounts, my ceramic bull mount and this adorable plush Unicorn. She is from Target and adds the perfect amount of whimsy to the room.

Every little girl needs a chandelier. This chandelier has now been hung in two homes. It moved with us from our first house to our new home and looks amazing against the pine ceiling. The little feather tailed bird is actually a Christmas ornament I picked up one year and he has lived on the arm of this particular chandelier since I put Madi’s nursery together when she was still in my tummy.

I absolutely love doing children’s rooms. It is even more personal when it is my own children’s room. To create a space that they love and enjoy being in; where their little minds and creativity can take flight… It is priceless.

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