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Now, I am going to begin this post with this disclaimer: I am NOT a contractor! I have never built anything in my life other than a little goat house, which surprisingly, is still standing… When I decided that I was just going to tackle the playhouse myself because I couldn’t get the Mr. on board, I first went to Pinterest. And although there are some AMAZING playhouses on there, I knew my limits. I knew that I have no idea how to pitch a roof. I also knew that some of these construction methods required a lot more materials...

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Playhouse, Tootie's Home -

Looking back, the only thing I wanted as a kid and never had was a playhouse. I can remember my grandfather having this old greenhouse that was basically a metal frame and my cousin and I would play house in it. I would think to myself that all I had to do was put wood in the frame and it could have real walls! Even my dad looks back and wishes he had gotten me one of those log cabin houses… We have been talking about a playhouse for quite some time now, but it just wasn’t on the list...

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