Selling Your Home: Paint

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Selling Your Home: Paint

As an Interior Designer and home Stager, I get asked questions constantly by folks who are getting ready to list their house. In real estate, you only get that one chance to make a great first impression, so the minute your agent hits the button to list your property, it better be ready to show.

Now, I offer Home Staging, both locally and over the Internet through E-Staging, and if you are interested in either of those services, you can find more information at the top of the page, but there are some things that are pretty basic and very commonly asked. Why not share that information with you guys? So lets get started getting your house ready to sell!

Because there are many topics to cover, I am going to post the questions in a series. Today, we will discuss my number one asked question: Paint.

Everyone wants to know, “Should I paint my house before I list it?”

Well, that depends on a few things.

1. How dirty are your walls?

I am going to take a moment right now to tell you guys: USE SATIN OR EGGSHELL! So, so many people chose to paint there walls in a flat finish simply because it is cheaper. And look, I get it, I am the Queen of cheap, but when you paint your home, opt for a Satin or an Eggshell finish. Why? I am so glad you asked! Flat shows EVERYTHING. From that time you spilled your drink in the hallway to the time your tried to turn on the light in the dark and missed the switchplate; every single bit of grime, every single fingerprint is going to stay put right there on your newly painted wall. Now, if you had opted for another paint finish, you could just go get your wet rag and wipe those jokers down. But, alas, you tried to save a little money, understandably, and now you are left with an ugly wall blemish that jumps out at you like a zit on the end of a teenager’s nose.

Now that I have offered that little PSA, let’s return to the original question about your walls. If you are able to wipe them down and clean them up from everyday grime, then no, you don’t need to re-paint. The fact of the matter is that the FIRST thing a new buyer is going to do when they move in is paint. It is the most affordable and impactful way to put their own stamp on their new home. If your walls are in good shape, there is no point in you painting just for it to be re-done right after closing.

2. What color are your walls?

I mean, do you have normal, calm colors or did you go a little crazy with an electric green or bright pink? Now, there is nothing wrong with bold colors. I LOVE a deep navy or even black walls! But if your paint color leaves you with a headache, you need to re-paint. The goal when a buyer walks in your front door is for them to imagine your home as their own. And although it is a very inexpensive fix, many buyers cannot see past obnoxious paint colors.

3. Are your walls damaged?

Things happen. Kids get rowdy and holes result. If you have holes or dings in your walls, those will definitely need to be repaired. Once any damage has been patched, you will have a large area that will need to be painted, giving you the opportunity to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

By now, you have surely determined whether or not you need to paint before listing. The next most common question I get is, “What color do I paint?

Most people used to use a beige; Builder Beige. It is awful! It has a pink undertone and looks terrible. Now, grey is the new beige. But, greys are hard. I even had my husband repaint our first master bedroom multiple times!! Some greys are blue, some are brown, some are purple; you get the idea! So here are a few of my Tried & True grey selections.

*Note: I ALWAYS recommend grabbing a $3 sample and slapping some of the color on your walls before you commit. Many factors contribute to how a color looks once actually in a space including lighting, trim color, etc. What may look perfectly grey in one home, may carry an undertone in another. In the living room pictured below, SW7029 Agreeable Gray was the PERFECT choice keeping the space calm, but adding enough contrast to the décor.

If you have read this post and are still confused about whether or not to paint before you list, feel free to message me! I also offer Home Staging for local folks and E-Staging for those of you that live out of town! In addition, my Staging services come FREE when you list your home with The Memphis House Hunters! So call me today!

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