Master Bedroom Before & After

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Master Bedroom Before & After

In 1968, Master bedrooms weren’t much bigger than the other rooms in the home. They didn’t necessarily have an attached bathroom and you would be crazy lucky to find a walk-in closet. The large master suites that we now covet in modern architecture wasn’t really a thing back then. You could imagine our surprise when we discovered not only a decent sized master bathroom, but also a walk in closet in our soon-to-be new home!

The large windows provided a ton of natural light, but also made the bed placement a little difficult, especially since the light fixture had been centered on the large window. Unless it absolutely cannot be helped, I never place a bed over a window. (The girl’s bunk bed overlaps one window and it drives me crazy!)

In the bedrooms and hallway, there had been carpet. It had been ripped up by the time we purchased the house, but the tack strips and stains remained. I am not really sure why people covered up hardwood floors in the 70’s.. Especially with avacado green shag carpet.. That being said, I am happy that there were hardwoods under that carpet. We were originally going to sand and re-stain them, but once I began to clean the stains and grime, I began to love the imperfections. After hours of scrubbing on my hands and knees, the floors were given new life with a few layers of poly.

The chandelier in our room was actually the existing light fixture in the dining room when we moved in. Although I had different ideas for the dining room, I liked this fixture and decided it should come to live in our bedroom. I love the contrast of the dark iron with the light walls and pine ceilings.

The bed is another special feature in our Master bedroom. It is an antique 4 Poster that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. She went to be with Jesus two years ago after a long battle with ALS. We are honored to be able to use such an important piece of furniture from her home, in our home.

The bedroom is such an important room to me. It is where I end and begin each day. It is where my husband and I retreat when we have something important to talk about. It is where my children creep into bed to cuddle next to me in the middle of the night. While the entire home is OURS, the master bedroom, is mine. (and my husband’s)

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