Big Girl Beds

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Big Girl Beds

I know, I know, I have posted about the girls’ room before. But I changed my mind… I am sure other creatives have this same problem. Surely I am not the only one! My mind changes really frequently and it takes the smallest thing to set it off. As I described in the last post about their room, they were using bunk beds, which I felt like was the best option because of the size of the room. I began to get frustrated with the monstrosity some time ago. It was so bulky and it felt like it took up the entire room.

Then, I got tired of the drama… Jo fell off the top bunk a few times and Madi was always yelling at Jo to get down from her bunk…

And this brings me to the reason I am so frugal in design. When you change your mind every couple months, you either have to be frugal or buy pieces that are super versatile. The bunk bed was a hand-me-down, so financially, there was nothing wasted in removing them. I searched the inter-webs for new twin beds for what seemed like forever…. And like always, it all came back to me thinking, “We can just build these things!”

And again like always, my husband told me we couldn’t… I was out to prove him wrong! I went to Lowe’s, grabbed my $80 worth of materials (yep, $80 for two twin bed headboards and frames) and marked all my cuts. He finally began to see the possibility that one of my projects may actually work out and he agreed to help me with my cuts and putting the frame together. I will be doing a step by step post soon. These were literally SO easy and took us about 2 hours total.

I am tickled with how they turned out. The shiplap headboards create such a statement and allow me a canvas to hang some fun decor that ties it all together. Of course I had to include the girls’ initials, tied in with a great ribbon garland from Target and my sweet metal heart garland from Elizabeth Ann’s; a great little shop I found at a flea market.

The unicorn sits adoringly over Jo’s bed and the girls’ have actually been sleeping in their own room (Hallelujah!).

Finally, I added a few sweet vintage items including this great hobnail lamp and a quilt that my husband’s great-great-grandmother made.

Now, to clean out their closet…

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